Attention Business Owners Wanting Significantly 
Better Results From Your Digital Marketing:  
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has ever shared this insider information with you before…
The ‘Business Profit Accelerator’ Program!
Discover How To Quickly and Easily Accelerate Your
 Businesses Traffic, Leads, Sales, Profits & Cash 

Australia's Leading Digital Marketing
Profit Strategist Greg Cassar 

Reveals Step-by-Step the Exact Workings
of His Highly Successful Business Profit Growth Methodology Responsible for Over 1.8 Million Leads & Tens of Millions in Sales – It’s Essential Knowledge For Businesses of Any Size - Even If You Are Just Getting Started!

The “Business Profit Accelerator” is a game changer. It’s how you can invest just 8 weeks of your time, and get an unfair advantage fast-track type summary of what took me over 12 years, working in 300 businesses and over $200,000 invested in my business, marketing and mindset education to learn


Digital Marketing is the best, fastest & most cost effective way of acquiring leads and customers for businesses in 2016 & beyond


Succeeding in Business without the right guidance isn’t easy, especially initially as there are so many things to learn, implement and get right over time


Your Knowledge and Your Mindset are Your Greatest Assets as a Business Owner & Digital Marketer for building your profitable business to create the cash & lifestyle that you deserve
Dear Fellow Business Owner & Entrepreneur,

Business can be a struggle at first - I get that.  One of the advantages of now having some grey in my beard is that I’ve done my 10,000 hours and had the chance to work as an Agency Director or a Coach with over 300 businesses across just about every industry you can imagine from weight loss to sewage treatment to share trading and just about everything in between.  

Success leaves traces and no matter what the industry we have found that like a doctor we prescribe the same medicines over and over again to help businesses grow and be more profitable.

Did you know that most businesses struggle with the same things - They all need to know how to…
  • Get more traffic and visibility
  • Convert that traffic cost effectively into leads
  • Nurture, build and maintain great relationships with those leads
  • Turn more leads into customers
  • Get customers to spend more
  • Get customers buying again
  • Make each transaction more profitable
  • Build a brand
  • Build a long term sustainable profitable business
  • Manage Cashflow for More Cash in the Bank
  • Engineer their dream lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get all these things to come together? Are you stuck because there is just so much to learn in order to implement and optimize it all?  Even if you take just one of these things such as ‘get more traffic and visibility’ there is a lot to learn right?

I Totally Understand

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) or learned from a whole bunch of different sources and you are more confused than ever…

That’s OK. This is what I do and have helped countless others just like you so I’m confident to say that help is on the way.

The reality is you don’t need to do all these things yourself, you can if you like (like I did) or you can have your team to do it for you.

 BUT – you do need to understand it in order to manage and drive the process AND 
Keep Control of These 2 Things

We have found that 2 main areas of the business that you cannot 100% outsource without driving and managing the process yourself are

The ‘Secret Sauce’ for More Profit & Cash for You as the Business Owner

An important point I’d love to raise with you and I hope that you ‘get’:  Many business owners are interested in sales and marketing and this is great, but one thing that we’ve found over the years is that sales and marketing only gets you so far.

Once you start building a big business with effective sales and marketing you then need ‘Financial IQ’ to know how to run ‘the business end of the business’ – this is how to read the financials (boring but important) and use ‘Financial Levers’ to engineer profit and cash in your business. I don’t know of anyone else who teaches this stuff, which is crazy because you went into business to make money right? Well Financial IQ is the missing piece of the puzzle for most Entrepreneurs.

And it’s crazy because this is the bit that drives the profit (not just the sales like most) and ultimately the cash.  Read on and I’ll show you how I’m going to help you significantly in this area by giving you the equivalent of the 80/20 of the effective bits you need to know from a US MBA (Masters of Business Administration) course without you having to spend $100k on getting an MBA.

How This All Came About

I admit my faults and I was wrong about this one – I didn’t want to make our Intellectual Property that had engineered so much leads, sales and profit and cash available beyond our team and our existing client base.

Through our Agency days and also with ‘The Collective’ Digital Marketing Mastermind we have only been working with bigger businesses in the size of $500k to $100m of annual revenues.

But the problem was Jules who runs our office kept reminding me that ‘whilst we are helping the bigger companies we meet we were not able to help the hundreds of enquiries we get each year from smaller companies who didn’t qualify for or have $30k to invest in a year to be part of The Collective’.

That was where the idea came from for the ‘Business Profit Accelerator’ as Jules said to me “why don’t you just 80/20 everything that they need to know that you currently teach the Collective members and agency clients and deliver it digitally in the exact order that they need to learn and implement it in”.

I resisted the idea for nearly 2 years, but you know what, she was right.  What we now know is hugely powerful for business growth and it has helped so many businesses already, but with our current system previously we really could only work with 30 or 40 businesses at a time.

When I saw the waiting list to get into The Collective was getting longer and longer I really ‘got it’ that we needed to open up what we do to help empower more business owners to fast track their journey.

We knew what we were teaching was really working as so many of our students were having record promotions, months and years. We also knew it wasn’t that I had some ‘super power’ and that you couldn’t learn it for yourself as we now have so many students who are taking our proven step-by-step systems and implementing them for themselves in their own business and getting the same results as we are. 

We knew we were on a winner.  It took 4 months to pull it all together and summarise the $200k I had spent on my education for you, but now we are extremely proud of it and believe you will get massive value from it.

We believe its…
The Best System For Engineering Profit in Businesses From Digital Marketing In The World

The Business Profit Accelerator (BPA) is Your 8 Week Compehensive Online Training Program for Accelerating Your Businesses Traffic, Leads, Sales & Profit by Leveraging the Very Latest Digital Marketing Strategies, Mindset & Financial IQ…

The Business Profit Accelerator 
is design to enhance your
You May Be Thinking 
‘So What Exactly Am I Going to Learn in
the Business Profit Accelerator’
That is a fair question and a good thought to have…

There are 8 weekly comprehensive modules to guide you to enhanced success in this modern era of Digital Marketing and Business. Each module will be delivered weekly plus there is also a ton of surprise bonus training modules included as well.


These 8 Core Modules are carefully planned based on analysis of what has worked successfully with our clients in the past and is working right now.  We Will Show You in Detail What We Do to Systematically & Formulaically Double Businesses & More Plus Make them Be More Profitable & Ultimately Have More Cash

Effectively this is a strategic system of knowledge that we have designed for you in your business for delivering

  • Better Positioning
  • More Traffic
  • More Leads
  • More Clients
  • Higher Order Values
  • Increased Average Lifetime Customer Value
  • Higher Profits
  • More Cash

What I really like about what we have created here is there is No fluff and NO B.S. 
It’s just the raw information and systems you need to grow your business using leading edge Digital Marketing and Financial IQ.   

Your time is valuable, so we’ve designed it succinct and to the point. We haven’t waffled on just for the sake of making it seem ‘bigger’ as many courses do – We figure you need to get the key points, strategies and techniques in the shortest amount of time and clear step-by-step plans on how to implement them. Let’s take a deeper dive look into it… 


Want to ask questions to me and also other BPA members through the program? How about for lifetime after the program? Then this is the way to do it. I help out fellow BPA members in this Facebook group plus post new relevant industry news and changes on an ongoing basis.  You’ll love being a part of this community.


Many businesses that invest in on of our programs go on to do further training and coaching with us.  The highest level of training and coaching that we offer is ‘The Collective Digital Marketing Mastermind’.    

We know that many people progress over time so that is why we decided that any Investment in the ‘Business Profit Accelerator’ program will be refunded to you in full if you qualify for and join ‘The Collective’ at a later date.


This comprehensive library includes but is not limited to additional training such as…

  • Video Sales Letter Formula
  • SEO Page Ranking Checklist
  • Fill the Holes in the Bucket
  • Infusionsoft Marketing Automation
Are You Willing to Do What it Takes to Fast Track Your Success?

One thing that I find frustrating and stupid is that most people stop their education process when School or University finishes.  For me and most likely for you also if you are reading this letter, you know that time really is when you need to take it up a gear and invest in your knowledge and mindset for success. By doing this you are doing things that others are not willing to do to get results that others will never get.

Lot’s of business owners I meet want to get the results that I get but not many are willing to do what I was willing to do to get the knowledge, skills and mindset for such rapid business success.

You could go out and read just about every book ever written on marketing, direct response, financial IQ and Business; hop a plane from Aus to the US 4 times a year; and spent OVER $200k like I did to get to this level of results


Follow the step-by-step journey in the Business Profit Accelerator that condenses down everything I’ve learned about growing profitable businesses using Digital Marketing down into an 8 week master class.

I Can’t Take 100% Credit For The System

I’d love to say that every idea in the BPA is 100% mine and unique, but the reality is all people who are elite in their chosen field take on coaching and mentoring to take it to the next level.  

I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at business, marketing, mindset and financial IQ.  

I flew around the world 15 times attending seminars and masterminds mixing with the very sharpest minds. 

I read everything available on these subjects and then proved all these theories across my businesses and my clients businesses and added my own personal experiences to develop this comprehensive proven system…

Don’t let the fact that it’s an 8 week program fool you. Over 12 years and 10,000 hours of learning and experience and 4 months of production and development went into this project.

It is truly, the best of the best there is if you are serious about PROFITS & CASH in your Business and growing rapidly using leading edge Digital Marketing. Everyone is focused on growing sales revenue, but Profit is a much better area to focus and Cash is King so this is the ultimate area to focus on and grow.

How it Works Is…

You will receive an email from me on a weekly basis, starting with module 1 on your very first day in the Program. Each week the next module will become available with the new email.

This is by design so that you get exposed to this advanced business training in a logical order that follows on from the previous weeks module.

You will get the theory you need then you can look over my shoulder as I record my screen and show you and your team take the actions. We’ll also give you step-by-step implementation guides to make it like one of those pictures you draw as a kid by following the numbers. See the example below.

The system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately.

But the best bit is on Week 9 you have a consult call with me to talk about where you are going, what you want to achieve and then we put in place a plan for what order you need to implement this in – what other training program gives you that level of high level guidance on how to use it?  In what other Business Digital Marketing Class do you get access to the main strategic architect to draw plans and designs for your business?

Why Pioneers Get Scalped 

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper” Think about it, if you go out and try learn and implement all this on your own it’s a hard, expensive and time consuming process over many years,


Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of dozens of “Pioneers” before you that made thousands of costly mistakes before becoming successful and rich.

Imagine how you and your business will look and feel…
  • Doubling Your Traffic to expose your products and services to your exact target market
  • Monetising Your Traffic with a Funnel so You No Longer Have to Worry About Marketing Budgets
  • Doubling Your Leads putting you in power so you never have to take on business that your ‘gut feel’ wasn’t good on ever again
  • Creating a Better Sales Process to Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • Acquiring Customers at Speed with proven leading edge tools such as the tripwire
  • Having a Waiting List of Customers wanting to do business with you
  • Increasing Your Average Order Value so that each sale is worth more to you
  • Increasing Your Customer Lifetime Value so that each customer is more profitable for you
  • Growing Your Profit and Cash so that each month is better than the last – this is how it is for us and we want the same for you too

Business would become more fun right?  Agreed, it is. We’ve achieved all those things for ourselves and our clients and I want you to get the same freedom and feeling.

A lady said to my wife Jules the other day ‘you look amazing, what have you done different’ and I jumped in with a smart half-joking reply of ‘Cash Agrees With Her’ meaning she loves cash as it makes all your other problems in life much more solvable.

I’m one of those guys now where people say ‘he got lucky’ but the reality is luck is ‘Labour Under Correct Knowledge’ – what about you, are you a talker or a doer? 
Will you take action today and invest in your Knowledge to increase your ‘LUCK’?

Real People, Real Results 

We’ve Got Some Amazing Results for Others Who Have Learned Our Proven Business Growth Systems. Here is just a Handful of their Stories

$41k Of Sales In 4 Days

“Greg taught me the formula for the 4 day cash machine. We did $41k of sales in 4 days and were very happy with the result”

Spent $3,627.91 On Advertising… For Backend Sales Of Around $200,000

“Greg taught us a new Tripwire Marketing Concept. We spent $3,627.91 on advertising in the last campaign. The initial sales are over $10,000.00 and the back end over the next twelve months is on track to be around $200,000.00. 
This is now a repeatable promotion that we can run again next year”

Improved The Bottom Line Of Our Business By $235,200 And Free Our Time Up By Up To 92 Hours A Month

"Our business had negative cash-flow and many time constraints. In just one strategic consult with Greg Cassar he was to identify opportunities for us to improve the bottom line of our business by $235,200 and free up our time by up to 92 hours a month."


“Just One Conversation A Week Ago With Greg Cassar Has Added An Extra Quarter Of A Million Dollars Of Business”


This is just a small sample of the many business owners who have learned from us our proven systems for business and profit growth. You can see a much more comprehensive list here.

The One Thing Which You Can Never Get Back Is Time And That Is What ‘The Business Profit Accelerator’ Saves You and Gives You

Could you build a successful business leveraging advanced Digital Marketing on your own without ‘Business Profit Accelerator’? Sure you could, but why?

Why should you go through all the trouble, trials and tribulations that I did?

Let me make a pretty bold statement. In today's day and age for anyone to learn through trial and error is completely absurd. To add to that, especially, when you have someone right in front of you who has taken the time to lay it all out for you in a complete step-by-step format which is ready for you right now.

Here’s What You’ll Receive Today

•    Module 1  Effective Website


•    Module 2 – Direct Response Marketing


•    Module 3 - Funnel Optimization


•    Module 4 – Facebook Ads and Remarketing


•    Module 5 - Google Ads and Remarketing


•    Module 6 – eCommerce Profit Plan


•    Module 7 - Financial IQ Essentials


•    Module 8 – Millionaire Mindset


•    Bonus 1 - Strategy Coaching Call with Greg Cassar


•    Bonus 1 – Private Facebook Group


•    Bonus 2 – Full Credit Towards Collective Mastermind                                   Membership


•    Bonus 3 - Bonuses Section of the BPA Site


Total Value


Todays Discount


Your Price


‘Business Profit Accelerator’ Plus All Bonuses

or 8 x Weekly Installments of

You Have A Choice To Make Today
  • a.) You can continue on at your own pace and buy the little products here and there that will help you along the way. Someday you may build a business which will support you and the lifestyle you desire.
  • b.) You can make the same decision which thousands of people have already made and that is to let me teach you. Let me be your guide, hold your hand and give you the instruction and training which you rightfully deserve.
Which Is It?
  •  YES Greg! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which have been proven for business, profit and cash growth across over 300 businesses. I want to fast track my learning and my results!
My “Love it or Your Money Back” No Risk Guarantee

How is that for fair?

But just a heads up on how the BPA may change in the future…

This Offer in its Current Form  May Not Be Around For Ever

The Business Profit Accelerator is a winning formula. There is no doubt about that. Whilst I love the teaching and helping - the consulting hours can be a big stress on my time.  

I plan on offering the Business Profit Accelerator program for many years moving forwards but I can’t guarantee that I will keep the Strategic Consult on Week 9 in the program forever because of the number of different businesses and opportunities pulling at my time. 

So time is of the essence and grab this opportunity while it stands in its current form where I personally help you at the end of the course to put in place a strategic plan of what to do next and how to do it.

I wish you the best of success with your Digital Marketing & business profit and cash growth moving forwards.

Sing out if you have any questions.


Digital Marketing Profit Strategist

P.S. Remember, There is more real actionable information in this 8 week intensive training than you’ll get reading dozens of books. The proven systems that cost me over $200k and 12 years to learn have worked for countless other people just like you. It’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It’s a no brainer.

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