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About the Author

Greg Cassar -  Australia's Leading Digital Marketing Profit Strategist & Coach

Business Growth
Greg Cassar has worked with over 350 businesses as an agency & a coach to help them grow as much as 10x in a year

Lead Generation
Having performed over 400 split tests and managed over $6m in clicks, Greg has driven over 1.8m leads for his clients and his own businesses

As a result of spending over $250k on his own education Greg has modeled & perfected the best techniques from around the world for converting leads into customers & ascending them through the sales cycle with a real focus on Customer Value Optimization (CVO). Greg has generated over $100m in sales for his clients.

Profit & Cash
Greg believes that sales & marketing will only take businesses so far, then a real focus on Financial IQ is required to drive profit and ultimately more cash for business owners. This mindset has proven very successful with a large series of success of engineering more profit and cash in businesses than the owners previously thought possible. 
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